Bernie Sanders Says Israel Has Committed War Crimes

This week, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) compared the actions Israel has taken in its war against the terrorist organization Hamas to the actions carried out by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his country’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

While giving a speech on Tuesday at the Center for International Policy, Sanders also slammed lobbying groups that are pro-Israel for “spending enormous sums of money right now to influence our political system.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Sanders compared the “terrible human rights” record that he says Israel has to repressive governments such as Iran and China.

“Will you tell me how in God’s name can the United States condemn Russia’s indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Ukraine as a war of crime, and yet fund [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s war machine, which has killed thousands of children?” he asked rhetorically during his speech.

The two-time failed Democratic presidential candidate also questioned how the U.S. could criticize “authoritarian countries” such as Iran and China, yet “ignore the human rights of Palestinians.”

Sanders originally supported the military response Israel launched after Hamas killed more than 1,200 people and took hundreds hostage during a surprise attack on Oct. 7.
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee thanked him at the time for not joining with some of his progressive colleagues in Congress who were calling for Israel and Hamas to stop fighting.

Now, though, Sanders has reversed direction, accusing AIPAC of spending loads of money to “lobby for providing unquestionable support for … Israel’s right wing.”
He further claimed that the organization is “backed by billionaires” who continue to push an “overwhelming majority of Congress … [to] support massive new funding for the Netanyahu government siege.”

Sanders was quick to denounce Hamas as a “horrific terrorist organization,” but he added that Israel doesn’t have the right to launch an all-out war against all Palestinians because of the actions of that group.

The U.S. has already sent Israel billions of dollars of military aid, but more might not be on the way for some time. A bipartisan border security bill that included additional aid for Israel was blocked by GOP members of the Senate this week.

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