Biden Faces Pushback from Supporters During Hamptons Visit

During a campaign stop in the Hamptons, President Joe Biden was met with an unexpected sight: supporters holding signs urging him to step down from the 2024 race. This surprising display came just days after Biden’s debate with former President Donald Trump, a performance that even his staunchest allies admitted was far from stellar.

As Biden’s motorcade made its way through East Hampton, a small group of locals held signs with messages such as “PLEASE DROP OUT FOR U.S.” and “THANK YOU! NEXT…” One particularly pointed sign read, “WE LOVE YOU BUT IT’S TIME,” capturing the sentiment of the disillusioned supporters. Bloomberg News’ Jennifer Jacobs shared images of the scene on social media, highlighting the unusual nature of the protest.

Adding to the spectacle, a plane flew along the coast carrying a banner that read, “BI-DONE!” The image of the banner was shared by Trump, who captioned it, “Spotted flying over East Hampton this evening…”

Despite the visible signs of dissatisfaction, Biden continued with his planned engagements, meeting with wealthy donors and celebrities in the area. Among those in attendance were Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Michael J. Fox, gathered at the home of billionaire Barry Rosenstein.

“We have no choice but to believe Biden will redeem himself,” one donor told the New York Post. “The alternative is so unthinkable. I’m going and everyone I know is still going.” Another attendee said, “I wanted to go see the train wreck. I’d rather choose someone from a phone book than have Biden.”

During his visit, Biden assured his supporters that his campaign was still on track, despite the widespread criticism of his debate performance. The president also held a campaign strategy meeting, dismissing rumors that his family gathering at Camp David would discuss his potential withdrawal from the race. A White House official refuted the claims, stating, “The premise of the story is not accurate,” and affirming, “Joe Biden is and will be the Democratic nominee.”

The president’s campaign team remains defensive, working to mitigate the fallout from the debate and reassure supporters of Biden’s capability to lead. As Biden continues his campaign efforts, he faces growing scrutiny and calls for change within his own party.

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