Biden Schedules Major Press Conference Following NATO Summit

The White House has announced that President Joe Biden will hold a significant press conference following the NATO summit in Washington, DC. Dubbed a “Big Boy” press conference, this event comes as Biden faces increased scrutiny over his availability to the press and his overall fitness for office.

John Kirby, during a briefing, confirmed the president’s plans. “The president will hold a press conference, I guess a ‘Big Boy’ press conference, we’re calling it, and take some questions from y’all,” Kirby stated. This announcement follows a trend of limited media interactions by the president, prompting concerns and criticisms from both the public and members of his party.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre further elaborated on the plans. “Later, on Thursday, when he gives his press conference, his ‘Big Boy’ press conference…” she said, appearing somewhat reluctant about the term. Fox News’ Peter Doocy highlighted that the White House described the upcoming event as more extensive than the typical press engagements.

The term “Big Boy” press conference emerged from a previous press briefing where a reporter coined it, and it has since been used somewhat humorously by the administration. This phrase has historical echoes, particularly recalling a smaller event held by Biden and First Lady Jill Biden after a challenging debate performance against former President Donald Trump.

As Biden prepares for this press conference, it marks a critical opportunity to address mounting concerns about his mental and physical health, and to demonstrate his capability to lead and engage directly with the media.

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