China’s Role In Fueling America’s Drug Epidemic

Author Peter Schweizer has exposed China’s massive influence over America’s drug epidemic, according to the Blaze.

Schweizer explained to Fox News’ Mark Levin that there was a congressional commission that reported to the White House in 2021 that 2,000 Chinese nationals had amassed south of the border in Mexico.

The Chinese nationals were in cahoots with Mexican cartels in creating fentanyl to smuggle across the border into the U.S., according to Schweizer.

Fully aware of the 2021 congressional commission report, the Biden administration opted to leave the border wide open.

“That, to me, is the epitome of negligence, criminal negligence,” Schweizer told Levin, “because what you’re essentially saying is we know this is a systematic effort.”

“We know that fentanyl is coming,” Schweizer continued. “We know that tens of thousands of Americans are dying every year and our agenda is more important than actually protecting the American people.”

Biden continues to avoid confronting the Chinese about their role in the fentanyl trade — despite fentanyl poisoning now being the leading cause of death for people under 45 years old in the U.S., according to the Blaze.

“What you seem to be suggesting here is that Joe Biden is one of the greatest facilitators of the sale and use of fentanyl in the United States of America given his policies,” Levin said.

“He’s also one of the greatest, as the left calls them, ‘slavers’ in American history, given his border policies and the fact that unknown infinite numbers of women and children are being sold into sex slavery and pornography,” Levin added.

“If you look at the human cost of the open border — human cost to Americans, human cost to women and children — the body count is astronomical,” Schweizer agreed.

The poisoning of America is a bipartisan issue if ever there was one.

Rep. Trone (D – MD) said “99 percent of the fentanyl is coming from precursor drugs from China, and then it’s manufactured by two cartels, the Jalisco and Sinaloa Cartels, and they’re the ones that are bringing it across the border.”

In 2021, there were more than 100,000 drug overdose deaths in the U.S. and fentanyl accounted for more than 64,000 of them. That doubled the number of overdose deaths in 2019, according to The Epoch Times.

The Chinese are killing Americans and the Biden administration allowing them to get away with it.

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