CNN Panel Incredulous Over Michael Cohen’s Denial Of White House Job Ambitions

A CNN panel expressed disbelief and skepticism over former President Donald Trump’s previous attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony denying that he wanted to work in the White House. The discussion was prompted by Cohen’s statements under oath on Thursday, which contradicted previous witness testimony suggesting he had aspirations for a role in the Trump administration.

Host Jake Tapper questioned the credibility of Cohen’s denial, citing the existence of “literally hundreds of people who know that he wanted to work in the Trump White House.”
The panel discussed the apparent discrepancy between Cohen’s testimony and the evidence presented by both the prosecution and defense.

Former Trump attorney Tim Parlatore highlighted the contradictory nature of Cohen’s statements, noting that even the prosecution’s witness, Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer, had previously testified that Cohen complained about not getting a White House job and expressed a desire to become Attorney General. Parlatore characterized Cohen’s denial as “bizarre” and suggested that Trump’s defense attorney, Todd Blanche, was likely relishing the opportunity to expose Cohen’s alleged lie to the jury.

Tapper emphasized the wealth of testimony and evidence seized from Cohen’s phones by the FBI, some of which is being used to demonstrate that Cohen is currently not being truthful under oath. The panel’s incredulity underscores the growing skepticism surrounding Cohen’s credibility as a witness in the ongoing legal proceedings against former President Trump.

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