Critics Demand Investigation Of Arrogant New York DA

There is little more off-putting than a person in power putting on a display of entitlement when confronted with their own misdeeds. A New York District Attorney is under fire after showing her arrogance to a police officer who tried to pull her over for speeding.

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley was clocked going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit in a 35 mph zone on Monday. A police officer attempted a traffic stop, but she drove to her house and pulled into her garage.

The officer’s body camera recorded Doorley claiming she simply “didn’t feel like stopping” and was under stress due to ongoing murder cases.

The DA told the officer, “You know what I’ve been dealing with all day — three murders in the city. And do you think I really care if I was going 20 miles over the speed limit?”

Then she pulled out her cell phone and called Chief of Police Dennis Kohlmeier. She asked him to instruct the officer to “leave me alone” before referring to the civil servant as an [expletive].

The case reached municipal court last Tuesday, and Doorley pleaded guilty.

That is apparently not enough to make amends, according to the Rochester City Council. The body unanimously signed a letter to New York Attorney General Letitia James, better known as a persecutor of former President Donald Trump, asking her office to investigate.

The writing noted, “Recent body camera footage, shared by the Webster Police Department, has raised significant concerns regarding Ms. Doorley’s behavior during a traffic stop in Webster, New York.”

The local leaders explained, “This incident has led us to question her fitness to serve as District Attorney, and we believe an investigation by your office is warranted.”

They added, “Such behavior undermines the credibility and integrity of our justice system and erodes public trust.”

Doorley attempted to explain her actions in a statement. She recalled that when she realized the officer intended to pull her over for speeding, “I called the Webster Police Chief to inform him that I was not a threat and that I would speak to the Officer at my house down the street.”

The DA further claimed to accept responsibility and said she “had no intention of using my position to receive a benefit.”

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