House Holds Hearing On Non-Citizen Voting

The House Administration Committee convened a pivotal hearing on Thursday to deliberate on measures aimed at safeguarding the sanctity of electoral processes by curbing non-citizen participation in voting. Led by Chairman Bryan Steil (R-WI), the hearing, titled “American Confidence in Elections: Preventing Noncitizen Voting and Other Foreign Interference,” underscored the imperative of upholding electoral integrity amidst mounting concerns.

At the forefront of the discussion was Steil’s legislative proposal, designed to uphold the fundamental principle that U.S. elections are reserved exclusively for American citizens. Steil, citing instances of purported misinterpretation of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) in jurisdictions like Pennsylvania and Ohio, articulated grave reservations about the implications of non-citizen voting on electoral credibility.

During his opening address, Steil reiterated, “American elections are for American citizens. And we intend to keep it that way.” He emphasized the urgency of fortifying electoral safeguards to preempt potential instances of foreign interference, particularly in light of escalating illegal immigration along the Southern Border.

Steil’s scrutiny extended to Washington, D.C., where recent initiatives purportedly encouraged non-citizens to partake in local elections, raising concerns about their prospective influence on federal electoral outcomes.

“To vote in local elections in our nation’s capital, you must reside in DC for only 30 days. That means any noncitizen who moves to DC by October 5th can vote in this year’s election,” Steil warned. “If any of the 7 million migrants move to DC by this October, they can vote in the upcoming election. They don’t even need to show their ID! This does not instill confidence in our elections. The Committee on House Administration has broad oversight of our nation’s federal elections—including here in our nation’s capital. We have passed a bill to require citizenship to vote in DC elections. Republicans on this committee are committed to ending noncitizen voting.”

Despite Steil’s proactive stance, challenges persist in ensuring compliance with federal statutes delineating voter eligibility, underscoring the necessity of legislative intervention to address prevailing vulnerabilities.

The proposed legislation, the American Confidence in Elections Act, encompasses provisions empowering states to access federal databases containing citizenship information, facilitating the expeditious removal of non-citizens from voter rolls. Steil’s advocacy for stringent electoral safeguards aligns with broader efforts to fortify public trust in electoral processes and preempt external influences detrimental to democratic integrity.

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