Israeli Spokesman Condemns ‘Shocking’ Violence Against Jews In Los Angeles

David Mencer, a spokesman for the Israeli government, has condemned the violent actions of pro-Palestinian activists outside an Orthodox synagogue in Los Angeles. The protest, which took place on Sunday at Adas Torah in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, prevented Jewish community members from attending a meeting about real estate investment in Israel.

The protest led to violent clashes between the pro-Palestinian activists and pro-Israel counter-demonstrators, with security officers and LAPD also becoming involved. Mencer described the events as “absolutely shocking,” emphasizing the severity of the violence and its occurrence outside a synagogue.

“Absolutely shocking images of Jews being attacked, [and] violence on the streets of Los Angeles,” Mencer said during a briefing with journalists. He questioned the motives behind targeting a place of worship, stating, “Even if you are on the Palestinian side, why do you go outside a synagogue where Jews go to pray?”

Mencer expressed confidence in U.S. authorities to protect Jewish communities and offered Israel’s support in any capacity needed. He also encouraged Jews worldwide to face the hatred with pride in their identity.

“The way to face down this Jew-hatred is not to hide behind ever higher and higher walls, but it is for Jewish people to wear their identity with pride. … We have faced many, many difficult times; we will overcome this one, as we have overcome others in the past.”

Governor Gavin Newsom and Mayor Karen Bass, both Democrats, were criticized for their delayed reactions to the violence, with their statements of condemnation coming only after Breitbart News pointed out their initial silence.

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