JD Vance Defends Trump On ‘Face the Nation,’ Clashes With CBS Host Over Debate Claims

Republican Senator JD Vance from Ohio and CBS host Margaret Brennan clashed on Sunday over former President Donald Trump’s debate responses. Vance appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” to discuss Trump’s performance in his recent debate with President Joe Biden.

Brennan opened the discussion by questioning the accuracy of Trump’s statements on abortion and the January 6 Capitol riot, suggesting Trump had made false claims.

Vance defended Trump, accusing the media of bias and of shielding Biden from scrutiny. He asserted that Nancy Pelosi had admitted on camera to bearing some responsibility for the insufficient National Guard presence at the Capitol on January 6. He also accused Democratic lawmakers of pushing for abortion legalization up until birth and criticized the media for not fact-checking Biden’s debate statements.

Brennan pushed back, referencing Chris Miller’s statement that Trump never ordered 10,000 troops to the Capitol. Vance responded by reiterating Pelosi’s admission of responsibility and emphasizing the Speaker of the House’s influence over Capitol security.

He also pointed out Biden’s false claim that no troops died during his presidency, citing the 13 service members who died in Afghanistan.

Vance accused the media of failing to hold Biden accountable for his false statements, suggesting that the media’s focus on Trump was due to his stronger debate performance.

He argued that the American public saw a clear contrast between Trump’s vigor and Biden’s lack of ability to fulfill presidential duties.

The exchange highlighted ongoing debates about media bias and the role of the press in scrutinizing political leaders. Recent HBO footage showed Nancy Pelosi acknowledging her responsibility for security failures on January 6, and a Senate report from 2022 revealed that both the FBI and DHS had prior knowledge of potential violence but failed to act.

In the wake of the debate, Democratic pundits are questioning Biden’s suitability as the Democratic nominee. A CBS/YouGov poll conducted after the debate indicated that 72% of voters believe Biden does not have the mental and cognitive health for a second term, while 47% thought Trump clearly presented his ideas during the debate, compared to 27% for Biden.

As the debate over media coverage and political accountability continues, the clash between Vance and Brennan underscores the polarized nature of American politics and the challenges in navigating truth and misinformation.

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