Lawsuit Targets Airline Over Teen’s Fatal Heart Attack During Flight

Following the tragic death of her 14-year-old son, Kevin Greenidge, onboard an American Airlines flight in 2022, Melissa Arzu has launched legal proceedings against the airline, alleging negligence and inadequate response to the medical emergency.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Fort Worth, Texas, where American Airlines is headquartered, asserts that the onboard defibrillator malfunctioned, and the flight crew’s response was substandard. Greenidge fell unconscious during American Airlines flight 614 from Honduras to Miami, prompting Arzu to claim that the crew’s delayed reaction exacerbated the situation.

According to the lawsuit, the flight crew’s attempts to utilize the automated external defibrillator (AED) were either ineffective due to lack of training or hindered by equipment malfunction. This alleged failure to promptly address the medical crisis led to an emergency landing in Cancun, Mexico, where Greenidge was pronounced dead.

Arzu contends that Greenidge’s chances of survival would have been significantly higher with a functioning AED and proper crew training. Expressing her grief, Arzu emphasized the need for American Airlines to take responsibility and prevent similar tragedies.

American Airlines extended condolences to the family while refraining from further comment due to the ongoing litigation. However, Hannah Crowe, Arzu’s legal counsel, raised concerns about the airline’s handling of the situation and the subsequent disappearance of the AED, suggesting potential violations of federal laws.

“The loss of a child is truly unimaginable, and the facts of this case are horrendous,” the lawyer stated. “Multiple eyewitnesses confirm that American Airlines flight personnel were slow to respond and not able to operate the AED machine, which appeared not to work.”

The lawsuit also accuses American Airlines of failing to adhere to its compensation policy for passengers’ sudden deaths onboard. Arzu seeks accountability and justice for her son’s untimely demise, highlighting the profound impact on her family and the importance of addressing safety concerns in air travel.

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