Michael Cohen Announces Bid For Jerry Nadler’s Congressional Seat In 2026

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer for Donald Trump and a key witness in the trial that convicted the former president, has announced his intention to run for office in 2026. Cohen plans to challenge long-time Democrat Jerry Nadler for New York’s 12th congressional district seat, which Nadler has held for over three decades.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Cohen discussed his tumultuous history with Trump and their ongoing feud, as well as his future political ambitions. He expressed his gratitude for Nadler’s service but emphasized the need for change, saying, “We thank him for his service, but it’s enough already.” Nadler responded to Cohen’s announcement by referring to him as a con man.

Cohen intends to officially announce his campaign on November 6, the day after this year’s general election. He explained that he postponed his run due to the mental strain caused by Trump’s trial. Since the trial, Cohen has built a significant public presence, particularly on TikTok, where he shares his thoughts and discusses his political aspirations. He frequently hosts nightly streams, venting about Trump and condemning Trumpism as “fascism” that must be eradicated.

During the interview, Cohen recounted the trial, claiming that Trump often appeared disinterested, with his eyes closed and slumped over. “It’s crazy,” Cohen said. “I would say for my very first day, I’m not joking now, 90% of the time that I was on the stand, he was sleeping. Well, I shouldn’t say sleeping. He was with his eyes closed and slumped over.

Here’s the crazy s***: The jury can see him! They are watching him! Now, if I was a juror and the defendant is so disinterested in his own case? I’d be p*ssed!”

Cohen’s entry into the political arena adds another layer to his public persona, transforming him from Trump’s former lawyer to a vocal critic and now a congressional hopeful. His campaign is expected to draw significant attention, given his high-profile past and outspoken views.

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