MTG Fires Back At Maxine Waters, Points To Far-Left Terrorism

In response to Representative Maxine Waters’ concerns about alleged right-wing extremist training, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene countered by highlighting recent left-wing domestic terrorism activity. Greene shared a story regarding an attack claimed by the group “Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade” in Portland, Oregon, where 15 vehicles belonging to the Portland Police Department were set on fire.

Waters had expressed concern over alleged right-wing organizations preparing for potential violence if former President Donald Trump is not re-elected in 2024, citing fears of groups “training up in the hills somewhere.”

Greene responded to Waters’ remarks, stating, “Maxine Waters is right. They are training in the hills and THEY are her people.” Greene questioned the actions of the FBI and DOJ, pointing out that instead of focusing on left-wing extremism, they are still fixated on incidents like the January 6th protests.

The radical leftist group “Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade” claimed responsibility for the Portland attack, citing solidarity with anti-Israel protesters and preemptively attacking the Portland Police Bureau. Their statement advocated for preemptive action against law enforcement, emphasizing the need to confront police before being confronted.

“On May Day we torched some PPB cars at their training facility. We cut through a fence, set ten fires and are happy it grew to burn fifteen cars!” The group’s statement began.
Additionally, the group’s statement provided guidance for anti-Israel protesters on college campuses, advocating for violence if necessary to advance their objectives.

“Our attack was preemptive. After seeing Humboldt, Columbia, UCLA and more we knew the occupation at PSU would be swept violently and wanted to attack PPB before,” the statement continued. “While we respect the student occupations, particularly the ones occupying buildings and causing damages to the colleges, we hate to see them passive and waiting to be attacked. Catch the police off guard!”

“They do not believe you are free! Show them you are! Raid them before they raid you!” the statement concluded.

Recent revelations have linked anti-Israel protests on college campuses to funding from major Democratic donors, including support for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign and other Democratic causes.

Greene’s response underscores the political tensions surrounding domestic terrorism concerns, with both sides pointing fingers at opposing ideologies while incidents of violence continue to unfold.

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