NYC Mayor Claims Texas Gov Sending Migrants To Cities In Racist Plot

In classic liberal fashion, rather than taking any responsibility for causing a rift between him and his voters, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) of a racist conspiracy to turn citizens against black, inner-city mayors.

Gov. Abbott has been sending illegal migrants who cross the border on busses to sanctuary cities such as New York City through Operation Lone Star. The program first started back in 2021 and continues to send thousands of migrants north every week as the border crisis continues to rage on.

As reported by BizPac Review, the Big Apple head honcho appeared on “The Breakfast Club” alongside host Charlemagne tha God on the Friday episode where he made his bizarre claims, passing them off as fact.

“Check out what they doin’,” Adams ranted to the host. “They doin’ it to New York. They doin’ it to Chicago. They doin’ it to Los Angeles. They doin’ it to Houston. What is the same in all those cities? All black mayors, all black mayors.”

He then lists off names such as Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, claiming they’re all through the “same thing that [New York City] going through here.”

“What they wanted to happen, Governor Abbott wanted to happen, we gonna turn these cities against their mayors,” the NYC mayor continued to theorize. “We gonna create this environment where they gonna all go against their mayors.”

“Go Google what they doin’ to my brother in Chicago. Go Google what they doin’ to sister Bass,” he continued. “So the cites have now turned against these black mayors that are makin’ real change for the first time…”

While Adams is so quick to point out the fact that all of these cities have black mayors, there a many other facts that tie them together far before the ethnicity of their leaders.

The main point of these cities is that they’re sanctuary cities — not cities run by black leaders. It’s no surprise that Adams failed to mention Denver on the podcast, a city that has received an immense amount of migrants from Abbott but is run by Mayor Mike Johnstone — a white man.

These cities all have openly said they are perfectly ok with illegal immigrants coming into the city and staying there through their declaration of being a sanctuary city. Of course, the Big Apple mayor has since changed his tune to a degree, previously warning that the migrant “will destroy New York City,” per The New York Times.

All Adams did on “The Breakfast Club” was conjecture about some far-off, racist theory that has no legitimate proof. Next time, he really ought to think things through before rambling off non-sense to a microphone.

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