Planet Fitness’ Value Drops Following Locker Room Incident

Fitness chain Planet Fitness is facing financial backlash following a publicized incident in which a lady complained about a man using the women’s locker room. The lady subsequently had her membership revoked.

A material fact is that Patricia Silva, the customer whose membership was canceled, took a photo of a man shaving in the women’s locker room of the Alaska location in question.

Planet Fitness Chief Corporate Affairs Officer McCall Gosselin claimed in a statement that the action against Silva was due to violating the company’s policy on photos. “The member who posted on social media violated our mobile device policy that prohibits taking photos of individuals in the locker room, which resulted in their membership being terminated.”

Gosselin also emphasized that the company is a “judgment-free zone” and that it is committed to creating an “inclusive environment.” Additionally, Planet Fitness allows customers to use the locker room facilities consistent with their “sincere, self-reported gender identity.”

Silva claimed there was a 12-year-old girl in the locker room at the time. In a Fox News interview, she described the towel-clad girl as “kind of freaked out that there’s a man shaving in her locker room.”

One Fairbanks, Alaska native posted on Facebook: “My husband and I were getting ready to join. Guess we’ll be joining the community center.”

Indeed, the company’s stock price was $66.92 per share on March 7 but dropped to $58.86 once word of the incident spread. Many would say that Planet Fitness is learning the meaning of “go woke, go broke.”

Furthermore, when the richest man on the planet refers to a business as “creepy,” it will not usually be a financial boon. Elon Musk indeed posted: “Planet Fitness sounds like a creepy place.”

Since the incident, Planet Fitness has doubled down on wokeness. The man whom Silva encountered in the locker room still attends the same facility and now has an employee assigned to accompany him into the ladies’ area. That staff member has reportedly told other women to back off, and that they should use a stall if they are uncomfortable by the man’s presence.

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