Rep. Nancy Mace Accuses Former Staffers Of ‘Sabotage’ And ‘Massive Invasion Of Privacy’

U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has accused her former staffers of spying on her, sabotaging her office and mismanaging nearly $1 million in an interview with the Daily Mail. Mace claims that nine staffers from her Washington, D.C. office either quit or were fired during a three-month period after she fired her chief of staff Dan Hanlon and had deputy chief of staff, Richard Chalkey, and legislative director, Randal Meyer turn in their resignations.

“I knew that they were sabotaging the office for a while. I didn’t know to the extent that they were doing it,” Mace told Daily Mail. She alleges that staffers were signing her name on documents without permission, submerging electronic devices under water to prevent access to files and deleting files from the office server.

Mace also claims that one staffer tracked her for nine months after hacking her devices, saying, “Literally, they could see where I was at all times. They could see my kids’ calendars, my doctors’ appointments, my medical information.” She described the alleged actions of her former staff as “horrific” and “a massive invasion of my privacy.”

The congresswoman also addressed the financial mismanagement of the former staffers, claiming that they left nearly $1 million on the table by not paying bills and failing to file paperwork. Mace said, “It’s our job to manage our office, be fiscally responsible, but to use everything we have to communicate our constituent services.”

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