‘Squatter Hunter’ Creating Nationwide Business Protecting Homeowners

Flash Shelton, dubbed the ‘Squatter Hunter,’ is spearheading a nationwide initiative to counter squatters infiltrating residential properties. Shelton’s strategy involves assembling a team predominantly comprising ex-law enforcement personnel to address squatting incidents reported by homeowners across various states.

With an increasing number of homeowners seeking assistance in dealing with squatters, Shelton aims to establish a network of Squatter Hunters capable of responding to cases independently in different regions. Despite the lack of comprehensive data on squatting incidents, Shelton’s services have garnered significant demand from homeowners grappling with the issue.

“Most of the people that I’ve talked to, they’ve spent $20,000 to $30,000 in attorney fees, and they still have a squatter,” he said, adding: “It’s kind of this thing where if you’re lucky and get your squatter out [through the courts], it’s in six months or eight months.”

Shelton’s approach encompasses strategic coordination with law enforcement, employing negotiation tactics, and, when necessary, physically residing with squatters to compel them to vacate the premises. Utilizing surveillance technology and psychological pressure tactics, such as feigning involvement in a reality show, Shelton effectively persuades squatters to leave.

“I tell them: ‘I’m going to expose you and I’m going to make you squatter famous…Google me, look at my YouTube, look at my subscribers. I’m going to expose you, your family, your life, everything about you, your job, your social media,” he explained. “Everyone’s going to know that you’re squatting. And every landlord in the country is going to know your face, your name, and you’re going to be exposed and they’re not going to rent to you.”

“People kind of want to get away as fast as possible, and they don’t want to be seen,” Shelton noted.

Despite the inherent risks associated with confronting squatters, Shelton remains resolute in his mission, drawing upon his expertise in de-escalation tactics to ensure safety during operations. His ultimate goal is to train supervisors in various locations, enabling decentralized operations and reducing costs for homeowners while maintaining high success rates in reclaiming properties from squatters.

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