The View’ Hosts Give Unbelievable Take On Caitlin Clark Cheap Shot

Apparently, the ladies of “The View” know as much about basketball as they do about politics, which is, sad to say, almost nothing.

With WNBA star Caitlin Clark of the Indiana Fever dominating the sports headlines, it was inevitable that the ladies at “The View” would offer their perspective on the budding superstar. Clark was hip-checked by Chicago Sky player Chennedy Carter, and despite their lack of knowledge on the subject, the hosts had to weigh in.

For context, Carter has come under fire for knocking Clark to the ground during Saturday’s game. The Associated Press reported that after further review, the WNBA upgraded Carter’s foul against Clark to a flagrant-1 violation, after the referee initially called it just an off-the-ball foul. This incident is just another example of the needless animosity Clark has faced from WNBA veterans.

While most who watched clearly thought Carter’s actions were at the very least uncalled for, the ladies of “The View” took a different approach. As seen on a segment shared by “The View” on the social media platform X, Whoopi Goldberg began the segment, “Let’s be realistic, OK, this is basketball, OK? This happens in basketball all the time.”

Already, the segment was off to a rough start. For one, this does not happen in basketball all the time, not if you were actually trying to win — but Goldberg, of course, had more to say.

“Angel Reese got clotheslined the other day,” Goldberg noted. “This is … get out the way, or I’mma move you. That’s what the game is. So, a lot of people, however, are reading this as confrontation, but … they’re not playing on the court. They’re there to win.”

To a point, what Goldberg said was true, in that, generally speaking, that is the overarching goal of any sports game. However, as OutKick Sports explained, the interaction between Carter and Clark was not a play to win.

Carter knocking Clark to the ground gained no advantage for the Chicago Sky, and in fact, it hurt them by costing them free throws. Obviously, with any sport as rough as basketball, there will be hard fouls. But when Carter body-slammed Clark, the ball wasn’t even in play.

Rewatching the footage of that interaction, it seemed more as if Carter simply could not contain her anger or jealousy towards Clark any longer and shoved her out of pure rage.

Injuries, rough plays, and aggressive tactics are common in basketball, but not when there is no possible advantage to be gained.

Even people who rarely watch the WNBA could tell that Carter’s action was completely unnecessary. If a white WNBA player had shoved a black opponent to the ground for no discernible reason when the ball wasn’t even in play, the ladies of “The View” would have been among the first to cry racism. When a black player, however, shoved Clark, a white woman who is arguably the most popular WNBA player in history, they tried to justify it as normal behavior during a game.

If this is the caliber of their sports commentary, then the ladies of “The View” should probably stick to what they’re good at.

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