Trump: Iranian Attack Wouldn’t Happen Under His Watch

President Donald Trump said this weekend’s attack on Israel by Iran would not have occurred had he still been in the Oval Office. The 45th president argued that Joe Biden has shown a level of international weakness that has only emboldened America’s adversaries. During a Saturday campaign rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump emphasized that the latest Middle East crisis points directly to the Biden White House’s shabby stature among the global community.

“This is an attack that would not have happened,” Trump stated, addressing his supporters and asserting a robust international posture during his presidency that prevented such conflicts. The former president linked this incident with other international tensions, including Russia’s actions in Ukraine, as avoidable under his leadership.

Following the Iranian drone attacks, which saw a rapid response from Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, Trump wrote a series of posts on his Truth Social account. “ISRAEL IS UNDER ATTACK! This should never have been allowed to happen — This would NEVER have happened if I were President!” Trump wrote. Other posts further criticized Biden’s failure to respond promptly and appropriately to the developing situation.

On the domestic front, Trump promised to restore what he termed “American strength at home and abroad” should he return to office. He reminisced about his administration being respected globally, contrasting it with the current perception of the U.S. under Biden, whom he labeled “a joke.”

Adding to the political drama, unconfirmed reports suggested Biden had initially recorded a message about the attacks, which was never aired. Trump’s posts alleged that Biden’s advisors dissuaded him from releasing the taped speech.

The tension in the Middle East has escalated, with Iranian forces claiming responsibility for the drone and missile attacks, which they described as retribution for an Israeli airstrike in Syria. The U.S. has responded by deploying naval forces to the Eastern Mediterranean, signaling heightened readiness amid the ongoing conflict.

The debate over the best approach to international relations and crisis management will undoubtedly intensify as the U.S. approaches another election. Trump’s positioning on these issues will be central to his campaign, appealing to voters who yearn to return to a strong America First foreign policy that promotes international peace rather than endless overseas wars.

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