Tulsi Gabbard Slams TikTok For Banning Ad Defending Women’s Sports

Tulsi Gabbard, former Hawaii representative, has strongly criticized TikTok for banning an advertisement that supports women’s sports, labeling the decision as “crazy.” The ad, from XX-XY Athletics, was deemed too controversial by TikTok, leading to its removal from the platform.

In a social media post, Gabbard shared the banned ad, which features a message from retired gymnast and former Levi executive Jennifer Sey. The ad highlights the importance of maintaining separate sports categories for girls and women, citing safety and fairness concerns. It calls on viewers to “stand up” for these principles, despite potential backlash.

Gabbard expressed disbelief over TikTok’s ban, asking, “Have you heard about this latest video that TikTok banned because they found it to be too controversial, too filled with hate and too offensive?” The ad shows boys competing in girls’ sports, resulting in injuries, and emphasizes the need to protect women’s sports. It urges viewers to resist being labeled as bigots for defending women’s rights.

The ad’s message is clear: women deserve their own sports, privacy, fairness, and safety. It encourages women to be brave and honest in their fight for equality. The campaign by XX-XY Athletics underscores that advocating for women’s sports is not an act of bigotry but a fight for justice and fairness.

Gabbard pointed out that some court rulings have begun to reverse President Biden’s modifications to Title IX, which she believes compromise the protection of women’s sports. She encouraged continued efforts to share and support the truth about biological differences between men and women.

TikTok’s notification to XX-XY Athletics stated that the account was permanently suspended for violating advertising policies, using both automated and manual review processes. The platform described the content as “offensive,” sparking a wave of support for Gabbard’s stance from those who believe in maintaining protections for women and girls in sports.

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