US Braces For Migrant-Driven Measles Surge

A new public health crisis is threatening the U.S. in the face of the ongoing invasion by illegal migrants under Joe Biden’s open-border immigration policies. New reports indicate America is nearing a significant measles outbreak. The situation is aggravated by overcrowded migrant shelters filled with unvetted illegal immigrants and falling vaccination rates.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has sounded the alarm, reporting 45 measles cases in the first two months of 2024 spread across 17 states. This number is alarmingly close to the 58 cases recorded throughout the entire year of 2023. Experts attribute this surge to several factors, including decreased immunity and vaccination rates, which have dropped for the third consecutive year.

Health professionals are increasingly concerned about the measles virus, one of the most infectious diseases. The current outbreaks in California and Arizona, where hundreds are feared to be infected, have raised red flags. The situation is compounded by the fact that many young physicians have not encountered measles firsthand, given its rarity in the U.S. until recently.

The root of this crisis can be traced back to the nation’s southern border. Critics argue that Biden’s open-border policies have facilitated the entry of millions of migrants, many from countries with low vaccination rates and high infectious disease prevalence. This influx, coupled with insufficient health screenings and vaccinations, has turned migrant shelters into potential hotbeds for measles and other contagious diseases.

Critics also point to the burgeoning anti-vaccination movement and misinformation as factors contributing to the crisis. The success of vaccines has led to complacency, with many forgetting the severe impacts diseases like measles can have. This complacency and logical skepticism toward vaccinations in the COVID era have resulted in lower immunization rates, leaving populations vulnerable to outbreaks.

Local authorities and health professionals are scrambling to contain the outbreaks. In Chicago, where a migrant shelter reported multiple measles cases, efforts are underway to vaccinate residents and prevent further spread. However, the challenge remains significant, as the sheer volume of migrants and the transitory nature of their accommodations complicate public health interventions.

The situation has ignited a debate over the balance between humanitarian aid and national security, with many arguing that lax border policies compromise public health. As the U.S. deals with this dual challenge, the debate continues on how best to protect the nation’s health while securing its borders.


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