Woman Charged With Poisoning Husband’s Drinks With Weed Killer

A Missouri woman, Michelle Peters, 47, has been arrested for allegedly poisoning her husband’s Mountain Dew with weed killer, according to the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities reported that Peters spiked her husband’s soda multiple times in May and June with Roundup, a popular herbicide.

The husband’s suspicion grew when he noticed an unusual taste in his drink. Checking their home surveillance footage, he allegedly saw his wife handling both a bottle of Roundup and his soda. He reported this to the authorities, leading to Peters’ arrest.

The sheriff’s office’s press release mentioned, “The victim began suspecting the soda was being tampered with after feeling ill. The victim provided video surveillance to the sheriff’s office, indicating that Michelle Peters was tampering with the Mountain Dew stored in a garage refrigerator.”

Investigations revealed that Peters’ husband was the only one in the household who consumed Mountain Dew, making him the sole target of the alleged poisoning. When confronted by the police, Peters initially denied putting any chemicals in the drink. She claimed she took the soda and the weed killer to the garage with the intention of making a homemade herbicide, an idea she got from social media.

However, after further questioning, Peters admitted to spiking the drinks. She reportedly confessed that she poisoned her husband’s beverages out of spite, upset that he did not appreciate the 50th birthday party she had organized for him.

Peters is currently held without bond at the local detention center, awaiting further legal proceedings. This case highlights the growing concerns over domestic disputes escalating to dangerous levels and the potential misuse of common household chemicals.

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