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Thanks for reaching out to American Seeker. We’re a site focused on American values and the preservation of traditional American life. We value small government, no tax hikes, and an emphasis on preserving our core rights and protecting our communities.

The American Seeker Mission

At American Seeker, we aim to provide informed, critical news to our subscribers. We support traditional American values and focus on news that affects hardworking, everyday Americans just like you.

American Seeker brings news from around the world and nation to your inbox, demonstrating care and concern for your community. If you lead a life focused on faith, family, and protecting your values, American Seeker has your back.

Our Team and Goal

The American Seeker team is based throughout America, coming from different backgrounds. From expansive farmland to coastal liberal enclaves, American Seeker is made by writers and editors who share a core set of values about the sanctity of life and other core rights.

American Seeker provides a collaborative experience for our writers, combining different family values-focused writers’ experiences to create a unifying message as our Founding Fathers intended: e pluribus unum. We fact check and edit each piece to ensure you’re getting fast and accurate information.

Contacting American Seeker

Please reach out to American Seeker at any time. We love hearing from our readers! We want to know what you think about issues affecting families leaning on traditional American values. We love feedback, suggestions, news tips, and corresponding with our community. To get in touch, simply respond to any newsletter with your message. We hope to hear from you soon!

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