About American Seeker

An American Seeker describes a patriot who wants to look a bit further than what mainstream media has to offer. You might be an American Seeker if you’re looking to contextualize national news in a reality that relies on global economic success. If you’re concerned about keeping jobs in America, treating our law enforcement officers and armed forces service people with respect, and reigning in big government, you have come to the right place.

With our two news categories, US News and Global Alerts, American Seeker goes above and beyond to provide information and news about how America is seen in the world and what we can do to restore our beloved country’s reputation. Stay alert about topics like the right to life, skyrocketing taxes, and retaining our rights to free speech and gun ownership.

The American Seeker Mission

American Seeker is taking the next step in gathering, summarizing, and presenting timely, frequent, relevant news. Like most hard working Americans, you want to know how global affairs and decisions made on Capitol Hill can affect your life. From keeping jobs at home to restoring and retaining laws to protect unborn lives, American Seeker’s job is to provide you with the latest and greatest news affecting our country and communities.

What You’ll Find On Our Pages

American Seeker provides a critical focus on events and occurrences around the world and in America which affect traditional American values. If you live in a faith-based community centered around family values, you’ll appreciate our focus on upholding respect for the men and women of the armed forces and law enforcement officers, as well as our emphasis on fiscal responsibility on the national and personal level.

American Focus on US News

US News details national events and legislative decisions of critical importance for every American. US News examines legislation about immigration, First and Second Amendment rights, and preserving the right to life. If you’re looking for news respectful of your traditional values, US News is for you. For a broader perspective, American Seeker has you covered with Global Alerts.

Important Global Alerts

Championing the free market in a nation more focused on making government bigger is hard, and America’s government spending affects the entire world as a global superpower. Knowing about global issues via Global Alerts can help you prepare for how big events in a global news environment can affect your family and your faith-based community. From wars abroad to immigration laws, Global Alerts has you covered. Supplement with American Seeker’s US News to stay updated about domestic affairs as well.

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