FBI Investigating Fires Set Against Minnesota-Based Conservative Organizations

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating acts of arson directed at Minnesota-based conservative organizations in January 2024.

On Jan. 28, 2024, in the early morning hours, one individual reportedly broke into the office of one of the organizations in Golden Valley, Minnesota, setting two fires. The flames spread across the first floor and third floor of the building, according to the Powerline Blog.

The fire on the third floor was set either outside or inside the Upper Midwest Law Center, a conservative legal organization, according to the Daily Wire. The group has filed lawsuits against “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) measures spread by the left and has also taken legal action against Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison for an election-related censorship law.

On the first floor of the building, the fire was set in the hallway between the Center of the American Experiment’s offices and space leased to another conservative organization called Take Charge, run by Black women fighting against the left’s claims of “racial injustice” in the U.S.

The president of the Center of the American Experiment, John Hinderaker, told the Daily Wire that although his organization is repeatedly “involved with things that tick off liberals,” there “wasn’t anything going on right at that moment of the preceding where you would say, ‘Uh huh. You know, that must be what it is.’”

Hinderaker told the outlet that he provided the FBI with a list of individuals who could have been responsible for setting the fires, including members of radical organizations such as Antifa and Hamas. He said he doesn’t have anyone particular in mind who could have committed the crimes.

Although Hinderaker is unsure who set the building on fire, he expressed confidence that those responsible will soon be held accountable for their actions, saying that despite conservatives losing trust in the FBI, the agents he worked with are “not liberals,” and as such, he’s “confident that his crime is getting the full attention and resources of the bureau.”

“Now they’re gonna get caught,” he told the Daily Wire. “I’ll tell you that we’re gonna find out.”

The second group targeted in the matter, Take Charge, said the fires would not disrupt their work.

“Regardless of the attacks, we’ll continue to educate all Americans on the truth Progressives want to keep hidden from public view,” the organization said. “We were targeted because we are a conservative black organization and we refuse to trumpet the mantra of systemic racism and march to the beat of the DEI drum.”

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