NYC Subway Pyromaniac Linked To Multiple Attacks

The arrest of Nile Taylor, a 49-year-old vagrant accused of setting a straphanger on fire in a horrific attack at a Manhattan subway station on Saturday, has uncovered a disturbing pattern of similar incidents. Police have now connected Taylor to a Feb. 5 attack at another Manhattan subway station, where he allegedly hurled two cans of flaming liquid at a group of commuters.

The revelation of Taylor’s involvement in multiple fire attacks has raised concerns about the growing threat posed by vagrant crime in New York City’s transit system. In March, another homeless man, Israel Montero, was charged with setting a garbage bag on fire on a subway car, even setting his own shoes ablaze in the process.

The latest attack on 23-year-old Petrit Alijaj, who suffered burns on 30% of his body while shielding his fiancee from the flames, has left many New Yorkers feeling increasingly vulnerable and demanding action from city officials.

Taylor, who has a history of criminal offenses, was apprehended by police using a cell phone he had stolen from the subway platform after the attack. He now faces a litany of charges, including assault, arson, reckless endangerment, and weapons possession.

As the city struggles to address the rising tide of subway crime, incidents like these underscore the urgent need for more effective strategies to combat vagrant crime and ensure the safety of commuters.

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