Biden Makes Aborting Unborn Children Campaign’s Central Focus

President Joe Biden is banking heavily on voters’ appetite for terminating healthy pregnancies as a focal point of his run for reelection. He and Vice President Kamala Harris are actively pushing abortion access as a reason the nation should choose another four years of their regime.

The president blasted “extreme Republicans” for protecting the lives of unborn children after certain stages of development. Biden warned that the “right to privacy” is endangered by these efforts.

He noticeably avoided referring to the pregnant woman as a “mother.” Instead, the Democrat centered his argument on her right to choose whether to end the life she is carrying.

Biden asserted that performing abortions is “founded on the idea of freedom.” Meanwhile, there was no mention of the life that was ended by the procedure.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court sent the issue back to states, some limited the period in which a developing baby may be aborted. But others such as Oregon have no such limits, meaning mothers may terminate their child up to delivery.

Abortion advocates report there were 930,000 pregnancies ended in 2020.

On Monday, Biden charged that American women were handed a “cruel reality” with laws protecting unborn children. He claimed that women are denied access to emergency rooms and forced to travel or ask a court to intervene.

The Democrat criticized the GOP for enacting “extreme” laws that have “no place in the United States of America.”

Meanwhile, Harris addressed an audience in the battleground state of Wisconsin. She laid blame for the new protections squarely at the feet of former President Donald Trump and blasted him for not regretting the change.

Harris told the Milwaukee rally, “The former president hand-picked three Supreme Court justices because he intended for them to overturn Roe. He made a decision to take your freedoms and it is a decision he does not regret.”

Her presence in Wisconsin is hardly an accident. The state went for Biden by a scant 20,000 votes in 2020, and Democrats know that his reelection hopes ride on squeezing out victories there and in other close contests.

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