Biden Skips Peace Summit For Fundraiser, Obama Steps In

President Joe Biden chose to attend a high-profile fundraiser in Los Angeles instead of a significant peace summit on the war in Ukraine, sending Vice President Kamala Harris in his place. The decision has sparked debate, especially after another incident where Biden appeared confused on stage, requiring assistance from former President Barack Obama.

The fundraiser, hosted by George Clooney and Julia Roberts, featured a conversation between Obama and Biden, moderated by Jimmy Kimmel. The event successfully raised $28 million for Biden’s campaign, but the focus quickly shifted to Biden’s health after he froze on stage. Obama had to physically help him move, raising further questions about Biden’s cognitive state.

This isn’t the first time Biden’s health has been in the spotlight. Recently, he needed assistance after deplaning from Air Force One, and his speech at a gun safety conference was marked by slurred words and confusion. Such instances have intensified concerns about his ability to effectively debate former President Donald Trump, especially given Trump’s substantial grassroots support, which contrasts with Biden’s reliance on wealthy donors.

During the Juneteenth celebration at the White House, Biden stood still for almost thirty seconds while others applauded and danced around him. It wasn’t until Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, intervened that Biden seemed to regain awareness. This moment, along with others, has fueled discussions about his capacity to handle the rigors of the presidency.

In Normandy, at the 80th anniversary of D-Day, Biden was observed repeatedly bending over in front of his wife. Speculation about this incident varied from spatial disorientation to potential confusion, with some even suggesting it was related to a loss of control. These ongoing episodes continue to raise serious questions about Biden’s mental fitness and his ability to manage the responsibilities of his office.

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