California School Closes Over ‘Indecent Exposure’ Caused By Homeless

As homelessness increases across Los Angeles, California, a private school in the city was forced to close given complaints of “indecent exposure” around the hotel it is in.

The founder of the Academy of Media Arts, Dana Hammond, filed a lawsuit over the school’s closure, claiming there was a breach of contract between the educational institution and the building it operates in, according to the Los Angeles Times.

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Hammond explained his decision to close the school, saying that students were exposed to drug use, lewd displays, human feces and intruders.

“There’s a breach of contract and extension that the city continues to house … over 400 of some of the highest-needs individuals, homeless individuals, that [are] suffering from drug illness and drug addiction,” Hammond told Fox News host Carley Shimkus.

Hammond pointed out that he joined the educational field to prepare students to enter the workforce because his mother suffered from drug use.

“My mom suffered from drugs, illness, which is why I started this work in terms of preparing students for the future of work, and it’s just been intruders after intruders, indecent exposure,” he said.

“I’m sitting in my office today at Third and Fig in our classrooms. Our students get the chance to see the … Intercontinental Hotel, but they also have to deal with individuals who are nude in the back, doing drugs in the back. It’s just on and on, smoking marijuana in front of our school,” he added.

Hammond decided to close down the school, located in the L.A. Grand Hotel, in January 2024. The building has become a shelter for homeless individuals in California.

Hammond claimed that he found crack pipes and drugs around the school property, as well as human feces, forcing him to shut down the educational institution.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D) has made reducing homelessness in the city one of her campaign promises. Since being elected in 2022, she has moved over 21,000 people into facilities offering temporary housing.

Hammond blamed his school’s closure on Bass’s handling of the homeless crisis in Los Angeles, according to Fox News.

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