Tennessee House Advances Ban On ‘Pride’ Flags In Classrooms

“Pride” flags would mostly be banned in state classrooms under a proposal that sailed through the Tennessee House on Monday. The measure advanced to the Senate where it is also expected to be warmly received.

House Bill 1605 breezed through the lower chamber on a 70-24 vote after Republicans halted stringent oppositions by Democratic lawmakers. It directs schools and their staff to not exhibit flags other than the U.S. and Tennessee banners “anywhere students may see the object.”

There is no specific mention of “Pride” flags in the legislation. POW/MIA banners are also acceptable.

Tennessee, of course, is no stranger to grandstanding Democrats wanting to make a name for themselves by disrupting official proceedings. This was the case yet again after a Republican motion to cut off debate.

Rep. Justin Jones (D) of Nashville shouted that House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R) was out of order and ignoring people wanting to speak. This outburst was immediately followed by the House voting Jones out of order, which ended his commentary.

Republican state Rep. Gino Bulso was the bill’s primary sponsor in the House. On Monday, he said he took action after receiving complaints from several parents and a school board member in his district.

He was told that despite parental objections, some teachers and counselors were displaying the divisive flag.

During Monday’s floor debate, Bolso explained his position. “When you look at the issue that’s before the body this evening it is simply this: Do parents have the right to instill values in their own children that they agree with? I think everyone can answer that question ‘yes.’”

Outnumbered Democrats argued harshly against the bill. They claimed it ignored teachers and parents who support the LGBT community.

One, Democratic state Rep. Aftyn Behn of Nashville, accused the GOP of “preventing social representation or a sense of belonging in one’s community.”

This, of course, ignores the widespread position that classrooms should be free of political indoctrination. When teachers take such a stand, they apply pressure on their students to comply with their beliefs.

Parents and Republican legislators simply want to return control of children’s educational experiences to the home. There is no right for government schools to push left-wing agendas onto students that contradict everything they are taught by their parents and in the church.

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