Charlamagne Speaks Out On Political Pressure, Need For Better Candidates

Charlamagne tha God engaged in a frank discussion with Megyn Kelly on her SiriusXM podcast, reflecting on his recent appearance on The View and the pressures he faced regarding endorsing President Joe Biden.

Kelly delved into the dynamics of the conversation on The View, where Charlamagne found himself at odds with the hosts’ insistence on endorsing Biden.

During the interview, Charlamagne emphasized his discontent with the current state of American politics, particularly the limitations imposed by the two-party system. He expressed reluctance to endorse Biden publicly, citing the lack of enthusiasm for either major party candidate and the need for more viable alternatives.

Charlamagne highlighted the societal pressure to conform to either extreme of the political spectrum, recounting his exchange with Whoopi Goldberg on The View, where his advocacy for considering third-party candidates was met with resistance. “It’s almost like there’s either one of two extremes,” he noted, reflecting on the polarized nature of contemporary discourse.

Kelly echoed Charlamagne’s sentiments regarding the coercive atmosphere on The View, where he felt compelled to endorse Biden to appease the hosts. “They were really pressing you… like, you’ve got some magic wand that’s going to turn this thing,” Kelly remarked, highlighting the intensity of the pressure exerted.

Reflecting on the broader political landscape, Charlamagne criticized the failure of the two-party system to inspire genuine enthusiasm for candidates. “If these parties want people to be more energized about their candidates, maybe they should run better candidates,” he quipped, underscoring the need for systemic change in American politics.

Despite the scrutiny and expectations, Charlamagne remained steadfast in his commitment to objectivity and exploration of all available options, refusing to succumb to external pressures. As he humorously remarked, “I didn’t know I would be Captain Save-a-Joe in an election.”

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