Former Speaker Paul Ryan Praises Johnson’s Bipartisan Approach Amid Conservative Backlash

Anti-Trump Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, a current Fox Corporation Board of Directors member, has commended House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for working with Democrats despite criticism from conservatives within the Republican Party.

In a statement to Axios Ryan praised Johnson for “risking his own personal political fortune for the greater good that he believes in” a move that has drawn the ire of many America First voters who feel betrayed by the concessions made to President Joe Biden and the Democratic agenda. The House Freedom Caucus in particular has questioned the value of a Republican majority under Johnson’s leadership.

According to Punchbowl News Biden has emerged as the clear “winner” of the 118th Congress having pushed through many of his 2024 priorities without making substantial concessions. These victories include reauthorizing FISA subsidizing the Ukraine war and avoiding impeachment all with Johnson’s cooperation.

The backlash against Ryan’s comments has also raised questions about his influence within the Fox Corporation. As a board member with significant authority over corporate policies and strategic direction Ryan’s public endorsements of Johnson’s tactics have led to calls for greater transparency in how his opinions are presented in Fox News and Fox Business media coverage.

Many have looked to Ryan’s involvement with Fox as a sign of impactful changes that could be changing the narrative on the network that was once considered to be reliably conservative. The network has hosted some very anti-Trump positions, and there have been repeated demands for the network to cover electoral issues that many feel were underreported for political reasons.

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