Trump’s Gag Order Works To Suppress The Truth

The gag order placed on former President Donald Trump is an egregious exercise in stifling the truth from being spoken. Fox News host Jesse Watters perfectly expressed why this judicial action is unprecedented in its scope.

He first noted that the so-called “hush money” trial does not center on a specific crime. Whatever one’s views of the accusations are, there is nothing in the case that resembles an illegal act.

Instead, it is now Trump’s freedom of speech that is on trial. Watters observed that the leftist prosecutors want the 45th president fined for simply speaking.

This of course came from the pleading of radical progressive Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. He is a leader in the Democratic attempt to find some way to defend their deeply unpopular incumbent by driving Trump from the presidential race.

Watters observed that Bragg begged the judge “to gag the Republican nominee for president from talking about the prosecutor, complaining he did it right here in the hallway outside. Oh, no!”

As the Fox host correctly asked, exactly how is prohibiting the presumptive Republican nominee from protecting himself during the campaign season not “election interference?”

So, Trump is gagged and there are no courtroom cameras. Therefore, voters are supposed to rely on the mainstream media for a factual accounting of what takes place in the proceeding.

Watters dryly remembered that this is the same corporate media that spread the Russia collusion hoax and discredited the lab leak theory.

Fox News was not the only conservative outlet to recognize the patently unjust court setting that Trump must endure. Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told Newsmax that Judge Juan Merchan seeks to “jack up the dollar amount” of fines he levies against the former president.

Addressing the network’s “Newsline,” she explained that “he’s going to rule against Trump. I don’t think any of us have a doubt on that. He’s ruled against him every step of the way.”

On Tuesday, Merchan declined to issue his ruling on Trump being in contempt of court for defending himself publicly. Prosecutors claimed the Republican on 10 separate occasions maligned those persecuting him.

Bondi told the outlet that Trump is being denied basic constitutional protections. “All the rights in a criminal trial, all the majority of the rights belong to the defendant, yet the defendant, Donald Trump, is being deprived of all of his rights.”

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