Report: Biden Administration Angry At New York Times

The Biden administration is reportedly furious at the left-wing New York Times for daring to consider the issue of the Democratic president’s age. Never mind that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe he is too old to lead the nation.

The Times, according to the Oval Office, should remain in the liberal fold and run interference for the bumbling president.

The last thing Democrats expect is for their liberal mainstream media allies to stray from the narrative. But, as reported by Politico, the White House made it clear to the outlet that it was displeased with its take on the president’s obvious challenges.

Times Publisher A.G. Sulzberger told the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Monday that the administration is “extremely upset.” He doubled down on the goal of the Times to “continue to report fairly and accurately.”

In a statement that strained credibility, Sulzberger said his paper will “continue to report fully and fairly, not just on Donald Trump but also on President Joe Biden.

The publisher noted that Biden is a woefully unpopular incumbent who simultaneously is the oldest person to ever occupy the Oval Office. “We’ve reported on both of these realities extensively, and the White House has been extremely upset about it.”

This followed a trend of the Times and several other left-wing stalwarts to grudgingly report on the incumbent’s dismal ratings.

Some of the media coverage was forced upon them when Special Counsel Robert Hur noted in his recent report that Biden is “an elderly man with a poor memory.” Of course, this also prompted liberal outrage.

Former Times public editor Margaret Sullivan said last week that she was disheartened by the paper’s coverage of the Democratic president.

In her perfect world, her former employer would stop “going overboard with both coverage and commentary about Biden’s age.” The Times would instead, in her words, “tone it down.”

Sulzberger told the interviewer, however, that dirt on both candidates will be dealt with. While he would not draw comparisons between Biden’s age limitations and Trump’s indictments, he explained that they are both factual “and the public needs to know both these things.”

The publisher added, “And if you are hyping up one side or downplaying the other, no side has a reason to trust you in the long run.”

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