Trump Leads Biden By 3 Points In NC Polling

Recent poll results regarding the ongoing general election show that former president Donald Trump is favored to President Joe Biden in North Carolina, leading his opponent by three points.

An Emerson College Polling survey released on February 21 revealed that voters in the Tar Heel State favor Trump over Biden as their presidential candidate of choice. The survey—conducted between February 14 and 16 among 1,000 registered voters—was designed to gauge for whom residents would cast their ballots if Trump and Biden face off in the November election.

According to the poll results, 47% of voters expressed support for Trump while 44% favored Biden. 10% of the North Carolina voting sample were undecided.

The survey also considered the voters’ favorite candidates when including all third-party runners. In this hypothetical scenario, Trump still garnered 46% support compared to Biden’s 37% while Democrat turned independent candidate Robert Kennedy, Jr. received 5% support.

Additional candidates Cornel West and Jill Stein earned 1% support each while 11% indicated they are undecided.

Among independent voters in North Carolina, Trump is favored compared to Biden 43% to 40%. Other hypothetical ballots included on the poll paired Trump against Vice President Kamala Harris, who received 41% support compared to Trump’s 50%. Another match up presented was Trump against California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, which Trump also won 49% to 34%.

Additionally, participants were asked whether Biden’s age caused concerns about giving the president their vote or if it was not that serious. A majority 58% of North Carolina voters said the president’s age raises doubts about electing him for a second term while 42% said it does not.

Spencer Kimball, the executive director of Emerson College Polling, released a statement with the published results, providing further context. He explained that there are more voters below the age of 30 who support Biden along with more than 45% of those in their 30s.
However, voters older than 50 showed much more support for Trump (52%) compared to Biden (40%). Kimball also shared that North Carolina voters between the ages of 40 and 49 “are evenly split,” with 45% support from that group divided between the two candidates.

Trump’s lead in North Carolina is the latest key state in which the former president has racked up the highest support from voters. As early as December 2023, the leading GOP candidate was already winning in the polls in seven swing states.

Per a December 14, 2023 news segment on MSNBC discussing survey results, Trump was already ahead in the polls in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin before the new year.

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