Stefanik Demands Ethics Probe Against Special Counsel Smith

On Tuesday morning, House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) formally requested an ethics investigation into Special Counsel Jack Smith, alleging his actions are intended to manipulate the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. Stefanik accused Smith of rushing the legal proceedings against President Donald Trump to impact his re-election campaign negatively.

Stefanik wrote to the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility, charging Smith with making unprecedented legal maneuvers to expedite Trump’s trial. She argues that actions are politically motivated and not in pursuit of justice. “Jack Smith is trying to interfere with the 2024 election and stop the American people from electing Donald Trump,” Stefanik asserted in her statement, underscoring what she perceives as a clear bias in handling the case.

The controversy stems from Smith’s office requesting the Supreme Court to expedite Trump’s trial by bypassing the appeals process — a move rejected by the Court. Smith justified the rapid progression by citing “public interest,” but Stefanik and her supporters see this as a thinly veiled attempt to influence the electoral outcome by ensuring a trial before Election Day. The Supreme Court’s decision to deny this fast track left the trial’s commencement hanging, with the potential to extend past the election — a scenario Smith desperately aimed to avoid.

Stefanik further criticized Smith for what she described as a “blatant violation” of DOJ guidelines, which mandate that prosecutors should not time their actions to influence elections. She pointed to Smith’s aggressive legal filings during a judicial stay as evidence of his disregard for established legal boundaries.

In her statement, Stefanik highlighted the gravity of the situation: “The only way to reconcile Jack Smith’s filings is to recognize that his obvious goal was not to seek justice and the neutral application of the law, but rather to get President Trump — and get him before November.”

The Supreme Court is considering President Trump’s claim of executive privilege as a defense to Smith’s politicized prosecution. Trump asserts that his actions while in office are protected from criminal charges by the Constitution. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the matter last week and is expected to issue a final ruling on the privilege defense before the end of the court’s term in early July. Legal experts believe the ruling will not only directly impact the immediate case — and this year’s election — but will also set a precedent that will be instrumental in guiding the nation’s chief executive far into the future.

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