Trump, Biden Win Michigan Primaries

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden recently won the Michigan primaries, further cementing their positions as presidential nominees of their respective parties.

The president defeated Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN), one of Biden’s prominent opponents in the Democratic primary. The Washington Times pointed out that Democrats are closely watching the “uncommitted” vote in Michigan.

As for the former president, Trump has trounced his opposition in the first five states where GOP primaries have been held. He handily won the Iowa caucuses and primaries in New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and now Michigan.

Despite his victories, Trump is still facing a challenge by former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R), who has vowed to remain in the GOP presidential race until Super Tuesday despite her grave losses.

Trump’s presidential campaign wants to secure the 1,215 delegates needed to become the Republican presidential nominee in March 2024.

Trump and Biden’s presidential campaigns monitored the election results in Michigan. For the president, the number of “uncommitted” voters in the state could spell disaster for reelection hopes.

Biden has cruised to victory in South Carolina, Nevada and New Hampshire. In The Granite State, the president won through a write-in campaign since he did not formally appear on the ballot after the state defied national party rules by preceding the South Carolina primaries, which comes first among the Democratic Party.

Democrats are increasingly worried about Biden’s chances in Michigan, citing the number of “uncommitted” votes in the recent primary election.

A 35-year-old teacher from Dearborn, Michigan, Mariam Mohsen, said she planned to vote “uncommitted” in the Michigan primary because she does not support Biden’s policies regarding the Israel-Hamas war.

“Four years ago I voted for Joe Biden. It was important that we vote to get Trump out of office,” Mohsen said. “Today, I feel very disappointed in Joe Biden and I don’t feel like I did the right thing last election.”

“If Trump is the nominee in November I would not vote for Trump. I would not vote for Trump or Biden. I don’t think, in terms of foreign policy, there will be any difference,” she added.

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