‘You Have to Listen’: Obama To Protestors At Biden Fundraiser

During a recent fundraiser intended to bring in millions of funds for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, former President Barack Obama lost his temper with protestors who were decrying the administration’s.

The March 28 fundraiser featured Biden, Obama and Bill Clinton — all Democrats who have each had a turn in the White House — on a moderated panel run by CBS show host Stephen Colbert. The discussion panel was reportedly interrupted six different times by protestors who were demanding the current administration change its course of support for Israel in its ongoing conflict with Hamas.

After multiple interruptions to the event in Radio City Music Hall, Obama turned to the protestors and informed them that they “can’t just talk,” they also “have to listen.”

Among the signs held by protestors demanding justice for Palestinians who have fallen victim to the war in the Middle East were messages that read “war pig” and “shame on you Joe Biden.” Several people shouted that the president had “blood on your hands,” according to The New York Post. Protestors inside the venue were escorted out.

However, more waited outside the hall, chanting insults including “f*** Joe Biden” and “Genocide Joe has got to go.” Despite the demonstration, the fundraiser brought in $25 million for Biden’s campaign.

In contrast, former president and leading GOP candidate Donald Trump was elsewhere in New York City attending the wake of Jonathan Diller, a local police officer who was recently killed during a traffic stop. Steven Cheung, communications director for the Trump campaign, commented on the difference between the two candidates in a press release.

Cheung refers to Biden, Obama and Clinton as “The Three Stooges” and described the fundraiser as an event in which they spend time with “out-of-touch celebrity benefactors.” Trump, on the other hand, was “honoring the life and legacy” of a fallen American police officer and offering his condolences to his colleagues, family and friends.

Diller, a 31-year-old husband, father to an infant and NYPD officer for three years, was fatally shot on March 25 during a routine traffic stop. Both suspects have been detained and are being held without bail.

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