Biden’s Open Border Enhances Likelihood Of Jihad Terror Attack

Leaders in Washington will express their shock and horror when the next jihad attack on the U.S. takes place, but it will not be a surprise. After all, they by design allowed millions of unvetted illegal migrants from all over the globe to invade the country.

Why should they expect anything different?

There were 169 individuals on the FBI’s terror watch list apprehended at what is left of the border in 2023. By the agency’s own admission, hundreds of thousands and likely more skirted authorities and proceeded straight into American communities.

Current examples of the danger of Biden’s open borders are numerous. In recent days four ISIS terrorists are believed to have murdered at least 137 innocents in Moscow.

Then there’s the Hamas terrorist massacre of 1,200 Israeli citizens on Oct. 7 in conjunction with the kidnapping of hundreds more.

Does any reasonable person truly believe that more of these jihadis have not taken advantage of the porous southern border and are already in the U.S. waiting to strike?

The number of terror watch list individuals has skyrocketed since the tranquil days of the Trump administration. In 2021 there were only 15 southern border encounters with such persons, but that would soon change under Biden’s leadership.

The following year saw 98 apprehensions with watch list individuals before last year’s startling increase to 169. Records for border encounters continue to fall as migrants from across the globe gain unfettered access to the U.S. under the Democratic regime.

In fact, the total of watch list encounters for 2023 exceeded the previous six years combined. Is it any wonder that experts increasingly warn that it is not a matter of if there will be another terror attack on the U.S., but merely when and where it will happen?

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to Congress shortly after the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel. He correctly told lawmakers that the horrific incident may serve as an inspiration for other terrorists to act against the U.S.

The watch list, which is now dubbed the Terrorist Screening Dataset, holds information on persons suspected of being terrorists. It also encompasses known associates of these individuals

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