Border Patrol Union Slams Biden’s Migration Policies

The National Border Patrol Council, which is the public union representing federal border patrol agents, has openly expressed its dissatisfaction with Joe Biden’s open borders approach to the illegal migration crisis. The group has gone so far as to openly mock him over his disinterest in the struggles they face in their mission.

The union’s statements came as Biden finally made a visit to the Texas border, even though it was little more than a photo-op drive-by event in Brownsville. The official trip to the lightly traveled part of the border came at the same time that President Donald Trump met with officers and agents at the illegal crossing hotspot of Eagle Pass in the company of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

The Border Patrol union did not hold back in its criticism, crafting a satirical itinerary of Biden’s visit that depicted him as disconnected and unaware. The itinerary, shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, included jibes about Biden taking naps and being clueless about the realities faced by Border Patrol agents. The humor, however, underscores a more profound frustration within the union regarding the current administration’s handling of border security.

The union’s criticism extended to Biden’s policies, which they argue have led to a surge in illegal immigration. December saw record-breaking numbers of migrant encounters, a testament to the ongoing crisis. The union laid the blame directly on Biden for encouraging the surge — especially through his reversal of President Trump’s executive orders that were actually working to assist them in their efforts.

Furthermore, the union highlighted the differing treatment between the two presidents. While Trump is seen as an ally who listens and supports their mission, Biden is portrayed as dismissing the agents’ efforts and falsely accusing them of misconduct. The union’s messages reflect a broader sentiment among some segments of law enforcement and conservative observers, who feel that Biden’s policies have exacerbated the border situation.

The political implications are significant as illegal immigration remains a hot-button issue ahead of the 2024 election. The Border Patrol’s outspoken stance shows just how far out of touch the Biden administration is with the rank-and-file law enforcement officers doing their all with little support to address the migration crisis.

The White House continues in its efforts to shift blame for the border crisis onto Republicans, claiming that unless the unacceptable “bipartisan” border security bill it supports is passed. However, the union directly points out that Biden already has all the legal authority any president needs to protect American citizens and property from the ongoing invasion from hostile nations.

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