Community Tips Led To Capture Of Ecuadorian Migrant Who Horrifically Assaulted 13-Year-Old

Collaborative efforts between law enforcement and concerned citizens have led to the arrest of a man accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in a Queens park.

Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi, 25, an Ecuadorian migrant who entered the United States illegally, was apprehended thanks to a flood of tips from local residents.

“We had tips coming in actually naming the perpetrator, so they knew who he was,” said Joseph Kenny, the NYPD’s chief of detectives, during a news conference. Inga-Landi faces multiple charges, including rape, kidnapping, possession of a weapon, and sexual abuse.

The incident that sparked the manhunt occurred when Inga-Landi allegedly held a 13-year-old girl and boy at knifepoint with a “machete-style” blade in broad daylight at Kissena Park. He is accused of tying their wrists with shoelaces, sexually assaulting the girl, and stealing their cell phones before fleeing.

In response, the NYPD released images, footage, and a sketch depicting the suspect and his distinctive tattoo. Local residents quickly mobilized, providing Inga-Landi’s name, social media accounts, and photographs matching the details provided by authorities.

According to reports, Inga-Landi had a previous encounter with law enforcement for illegally entering the United States through Eagle Pass, Texas, in June 2021. After his release, he traveled to Queens, where he was issued summonses and involved in a domestic violence situation before evading arrest.

The community’s efforts proved crucial in apprehending the suspect. Residents not only provided valuable information but also physically subdued Inga-Landi when they spotted him, holding him until police arrived despite his attempts to resist.

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