Jill Biden Defends President Amid Growing Calls For Him To Exit 2024 Race

First Lady Jill Biden is vigorously defending President Joe Biden against increasing calls from Democrats for him to withdraw from the 2024 presidential election following his lackluster debate performance against former President Donald Trump. ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz reported that Jill Biden is “lashing out” at those suggesting her husband step aside.

The president’s faltering performance during the first debate has led to mounting pressure from within his party for him to consider dropping out. Despite this, President Biden remains committed to his campaign, supported by a close-knit group of advisers who believe he can still win. This group prominently includes his wife, Jill, who has been openly critical of the calls for Biden to step down.

“Administration officials I have spoken to said that very tight inner circle is telling them he can win, that he needs to keep going,” Raddatz explained. “This, of course, includes his wife, Jill, who they said is lashing out at those who want him to get out of the race.”

The issue of Biden’s age has been a focal point in the debate about his candidacy. “No one can stop the clock. And this is about age. That’s exactly what that’s about. And this will dominate this campaign. Aging is not like a broken bone — it doesn’t get better,” Raddatz noted.

Attempting to manage the fallout, President Biden participated in a damage control interview with ABC News on Friday. He admitted that his debate performance was poor but attributed it to being ill and exhausted, denying that it signified any serious cognitive decline. When asked about undergoing a full neurological evaluation, Biden gave a somewhat convoluted answer: “I get a full neurological test every day with me. And I’ve had a full physical. I had, you know, I mean, I, I’ve been at Walter Reed for my physicals. I mean – uhm yes, the answer.”

Biden firmly stated that he would only consider leaving the race if he received a divine command. “Look. I mean, if the Lord Almighty came down and said, ‘Joe, get outta the race,’ I’d get outta the race. The Lord Almighty’s not comin’ down.”

When Stephanopoulos questioned Biden about his ability to serve another term, Biden cited his achievements, including expanding NATO and countering Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also dismissed the New York Times/Siena College poll indicating his 36% approval rating among likely voters, saying, “Well, I don’t believe that’s my approval rating. That’s not what our polls show.”

In response to a question about how he would feel if he stayed in the race and lost to Trump, Biden said, “I feel as long as I gave it my all, and I did the goodest job that I know I can do – that’s what this is about.”

Jill Biden has also been outspoken in defending her husband’s debate performance. She told Vogue earlier this week, “[We] will not let those 90 minutes define the four years [Joe’s] been president. We will continue to fight.”

Despite the controversy and pressure, the Bidens remain steadfast in their determination to continue the campaign for a second term in office.

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