Pressley: Walgreens ‘Racist’ For Leaving Crime-Stricken Neighborhood

“Squad” member Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) stuck her foot squarely in her mouth again on the House floor this week. She launched a rant that ripped into Walgreens for closing a Boston location that experienced rampant thievery.

The radical leftist called such business moves “disruptive, life-threatening acts of racial and economic discrimination” targeting “Black and Brown communities.”

The pharmacy chain announced it would shutter another store in her district, prompting the outburst. Pressley being Pressley could not resist noting the Roxbury area where the location is shutting down is “a community that is 85% Black and Latino.”

The race card is never far away with progressives. As has been said, if the only tool one has in their toolbox is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail.

Pressley lamented that “when a Walgreens leaves a neighborhood they disrupt the entire community. And they take with them baby formula, diapers, asthma inhalers, life-saving medications and, of course, jobs.”

Apparently mistaking a corporation for a community center, Pressley charged the pharmacy was closing without input or notice. She further blasted the company for not providing “transition resources to prevent gaps in healthcare.”

Walgreens announced it was closing the latest location due to “rampant theft.” It is the height of hypocrisy to expect a business to keep its doors open when the surrounding community puts it under siege.

But for Pressley and fellow progressives, the demographics of the neighborhood were the only factors to consider.

She claimed that offering a website that stresses “health equity and underserved communities is not enough.” Pressley added that Walgreens is a wealthy corporation “that needs to put their money where their mouth is and stop divesting in Black and Brown communities.”

The representative even suggested that the company should take whatever steps are necessary to address the scourge of shoplifting.

If that were to happen, and armed security were stationed at every store to watch for such behaviors, how would she respond? Unquestionably, Pressley would call such a move “racist” and oppressive to the surrounding community.

It’s a no-win situation for Walgreens, and they chose to cut their losses and move on. The company can hardly be blamed.

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