Ted Cruz Predicts Michelle Obama Will Replace Biden As Democratic Nominee

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently made a bold prediction about the 2024 presidential race. During his “The Verdict” podcast, Cruz suggested that Joe Biden might be replaced as the Democratic candidate. The name he put forward as a potential replacement? Michelle Obama.

Cruz believes the recent debate performance by Biden was so poor that it has left Democrats in panic mode. According to Cruz, this may push the party to seek out a more popular and charismatic candidate. “I believe the odds are north of 80% that the Democrat Party will remove Joe Biden from the ticket and replace him,” Cruz said, expressing his confidence in the party’s strategy.

Michelle Obama, the former First Lady, has consistently been a popular figure within the Democratic Party. Cruz theorizes that her presence could energize the base and prevent former President Donald Trump from winning a second term. He emphasized that her ability to unite the party and appeal to a broad range of voters makes her an ideal candidate.

However, Cruz also noted that there are significant obstacles to this plan. The first is Michelle Obama’s own reluctance to enter the political arena again. The second is Biden’s potential refusal to step down. Cruz believes that Democratic leaders, including Barack Obama, will try to persuade Michelle to accept the nomination, presenting her as the only solution to avoid a Trump presidency.

Cruz’s predictions aren’t entirely new. He had previously suggested in September 2023 that Michelle Obama might be the Democrats’ choice. At the time, the idea seemed far-fetched, but recent events have made it seem more plausible.

One of Cruz’s key points is that Michelle Obama could avoid the internal conflicts that would arise from selecting one of the current Democratic frontrunners. “If you pick from any one of the four, the other three are pissed,” he explained. By choosing Michelle Obama, the party could sidestep these rivalries and present a united front.

Cruz concluded by highlighting the potential impact of such a move. “Michelle Obama, because she was First Lady, has the ability to kind of parachute in above all four,” he said. He believes her entry into the race would signal a dramatic and strategic shift for the Democrats, aiming to ensure victory in the 2024 election.

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