African Knifeman Injures Three In Paris Train Station Assault

Today, a violent knife assault at Paris’s Gare de Lyon, one of the city’s largest railway stations, resulted in three individuals being injured. The event, carried out by a 32-year-old individual who remains unidentified, occurred on Saturday morning in the eastern part of Paris.

Before launching his attack, the assailant reached into his backpack and armed himself with a knife and a hammer, targeting travelers at the station. He was subsequently subdued and apprehended by a railway officer.

A source close to the investigation disclosed that the attacker, a Malian national diagnosed with significant psychiatric issues, was in possession of an Italian driving license at the time of the attack. The first individual attacked sustained critical abdominal injuries. The other two victims incurred minor injuries and have been hospitalized for medical care, the source further stated.

The source said, “The suspect is a Malian national with severe psychiatric problems. He had a resident’s permit through Italy and had an appointment to see a psychiatrist in Turin this weekend. He first ignited his backpack and then appeared to slash people at random by an escalator. A rail official tackled him, to begin with, and then police and anti-terrorist soldiers appeared on the scene. The man was found to have an Italian driving license on him and did not offer any motive for his actions. There were no slogans shouted.”

An inquiry has been initiated regarding an attempted murder case, with the suspect currently detained in a secure psychiatric facility.

According to Laurent Nuñez, the Prefect of Police in Paris, “there is no evidence to indicate that this incident is linked to terrorism.”

Mr. Nuñez added, “The suspect’s residency permit was granted in 2019 and is still valid. The investigation is being conducted by the prosecution, with the support of law enforcement agencies.”

Gare de Lyon, the second busiest railway station in France, catering to as many as 150 million passengers annually, was bustling on a Saturday morning.

However, following the attack, the station was promptly evacuated, and all services were suspended.

Law enforcement officials reported that there is currently no clear motive behind the stabbing. Nonetheless, this incident follows a series of bombings, shootings and knife attacks perpetrated by individuals affiliated with Islamic State and al-Qaeda in France, dating back to early 2015.

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