Amnesty For 10 Million Illegals Necessary For Mexico’s Help

If the United States wants Mexico to help stop the huge flow of illegal immigrants into the country, it must grant amnesty to more than 10 million people who are currently living in America illegally.

Unable to handle the surge in illegal migration on its own, the Biden administration has turned to its neighbor to the south for help.

Late last month, the White House sent Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to meet with Mexico’s president. During their trip, the pair asked Andres Manual Lopez Obrador for more assistance with illegal immigration.

High-ranking White House officials said that those talks were only “preliminary,” and neither side made any hard promises.

Still, Lopez Obrador held a press conference last week during which he made some demands to the U.S. in exchange for its help.

One of the main demands that has resulted in the most backlash is that the U.S. allows more than 10 million Hispanics to stay in the U.S. and be allowed to work legally.

In addition to demanding amnesty, Lopez Obrador also said the U.S. should allocate $20 billion in support to countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, remove every sanction it has placed on Venezuela and suspend its Cuban blockade.

President Joe Biden seems to be doing everything he can to turn around his negative polling, as the presidential election is only 10 months away.

That being said, it’s highly unlikely that Biden would meet all of those quite lofty demands, even if he had the sole authority to do so.

“For some of these things, we would need Congress to act,” one senior official in the Biden administration said to NBC News. “We share the vision that we need to lift up the region.”

White House officials are expected to have further talks with Mexican leadership this month, when conversations continue in Washington. High-ranking officials in both the Mexican and American governments did acknowledge that Mexico has a lot of leverage in these negotiations, as the U.S. doesn’t seem like it’s anywhere close to a solution on its own.

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