Fentanyl Seizures in June Enough to Kill Millions, Spotlighting Border Crisis

In a single month, U.S. authorities confiscated enough fentanyl to potentially kill between 54 and 127 million Americans. This staggering amount, intercepted in June, could easily wipe out the combined populations of the five largest states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. The deadly drug is flooding into the country, primarily driven by Mexican cartels, and the situation is rapidly worsening.

The fentanyl crisis has been one of the most severe narcotics issues in history, surpassing even the devastating impacts of World War I, the Spanish Flu, and other major events. The epidemic started before the Biden administration, but critics argue that only former President Donald Trump took significant action. In 2019, Trump pressured Chinese President Xi Jinping to curb illegal fentanyl production and collaborated with major shipping companies like FedEx to block fentanyl deliveries. These efforts resulted in a noticeable decrease in fentanyl entering the U.S.

In contrast, President Biden’s approach has been widely criticized. On his first day in office, Biden halted the construction of the border wall and declared the border emergency over.

This move, coupled with Vice President Kamala Harris’s role as “border czar,” has been linked to a surge in illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Since Biden took office, an estimated 10 million people have crossed the border illegally, with projections suggesting that number could reach 30 million if current policies continue.

Restoration News, an organization tracking crimes committed by illegal aliens, has documented over 2,600 such incidents since Biden assumed office. Many of these crimes are drug-related, including a case where an illegal alien was caught with 29 pounds of fentanyl. Other crimes involve violent acts like sexual assault and murder.

As the nation grapples with these issues, the question remains: How long will Americans tolerate the ongoing border crisis and its devastating effects on their communities?

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