Presidential Nominee Haley Exposed For Lying About Extramarital Affairs

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley is making headlines for lying about not having extramarital affairs back in 2008. The sources alleging that she participated in these affairs came forward during her recent gubernational campaign. Haley insisted that the accusations were nothing more than false.

Recently, The Daily Mail reported that they were contacted by multiple GOP insiders and previous campaign staffers who claim the denial by Haley is simply untrue. They claimed that the affairs were “widely known among South Carolina politicos,” and went on to reveal disturbing stories of Haley being spotted in the backseat of an SUV and frequently in other men’s laps at bars and nightclubs. After reading through several statements by insiders, it appears that Haley was often acting suspiciously at the office and around town.

Aside from insider recollections, two affidavits were signed in 2010 by Will Folks, 49, and Larry Marchant, 61, who claimed they did in fact participate in inappropriate relationships with the married Carolina lawmaker.

Folks was her communications consultant in 2007 and said he helped shape her political image. He wrote in his affidavit that the two engaged in these acts on more than one occasion. Folks also wrote about the affair activity on his personal blog, going into specific detail describing how Haley initiated the acts and drove him to inconspicuous locations.

Marchant was a Columbia lobbyist when he had an affair with Haley. In his affidavit he says they were attending a conference in Salt Lake City and staying at the same hotel. He alleged that Haley and he had intercourse throughout the night in her hotel room. “I came forward publicly on this matter only after being contacted by the press and after hearing Rep. Haley claim that she had been One Hundred Percent faithful to her husband in response to the Folk’s allegations when I knew her statements were absolutely false,” he wrote.

Haley continued to deny the allegations and was elected governor in 2010. The affair claims sparked interest once again when she announced her running for the Republican presidential nominee. Haley has been citing her husband, Michael Haley, as a main driving force behind her running which has arguably raised the commentary on the affair rumors once again.

“I’m doing this for my husband,” she said in a recent speech reported by CBS News.
The Daily Mail also reported on Haley’s opening campaign ad where she displayed photos of her husband in his military uniform. Michael Haley was deployed to Afghanistan during the two alleged affairs with Marchant and Folks. Haley continues to deny all accusations.

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