Bumbling Biden Reads Teleprompter ‘Pause’ Cue In Speech

President Joe Biden added another layer of worry to those who are certain that he is not fit for “four more years.” On Wednesday, the Democrat read the word “pause” from a teleprompter while giving a speech to a union audience.

Biden addressed the North American Building Trades Union (NABTU) 2024 Legislative Conference.

Organized labor has long been in Democrats’ back pockets, and this gathering was no different. Biden proclaimed, “Imagine what we could do next. Four more years, pause.”

Either the group did not notice or did not care, as they chanted “four more years.” The latest gaffe in a long history of bumbling misstatements drew comparisons to the 2004 comedy film “Anchorman” in which Will Farrell’s Ron Burgundy character reads a question mark on the teleprompter.

The news director loudly admonished the room that anything written on the prompter, “Burgundy will read!”

It was not revealed by Biden’s handlers whether “pause” was displayed on his teleprompter or actually in his prepared remarks.

It wouldn’t be a Biden speech without a misstatement and tearing into his Republican opponent. He claimed that former President Donald Trump “looks down on us” before saying that the 45th president was someone you’d like to “give them a straight left.”

Biden quickly added he was not endorsing striking the president.

And ominously for the nation, the Democrat unleashed a bizarre story about Trump and a pair of boots.

Biden told the union gathering that his Republican predecessor “has never worked a day in the working man’s boots. By the way, he gave me a pair of boots as a gift, by the way. I know how to put them on. I still sometimes cut the yard.”

He added that the Secret Services does not permit him to cut the White House lawn anymore.

Four more years.

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