US Sending Nuclear Weapons To UK Amid Russian Tensions

The U.S. recently unveiled plans to send nuclear weapons to the U.K. amid continued tensions between the Biden administration and Moscow.

The Telegraph reported that it received access to sensitive documents from the Pentagon, which indicated that the U.S. has “procurement contracts for a new facility at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.”

Such documents confirmed U.S. intentions to relocate nuclear bombs three times stronger than the ones used in the Japanese bombings of World War II to the air base in Suffolk, U.K.

The first time that America placed its nuclear bombs at RAF Lakenheath was during the Cold War. The British military facility will now hold B61-12 nuclear gravity bombs.

Russia’s continued aggression in Europe is being seen as a threat, according to Adm. Rob Bauer of the Royal Netherlands Navy, who recently warned that Europeans need to mentally prepare themselves for a possible war against the Kremlin in the next 20 years.

A report showed that the nuclear bombs will be transported to RAF Lakenheath by F-35 fighter jets.

“The Pentagon had refused to comment on speculation that a new ‘surety dormitory’, first revealed in budget documents last year, was intended for the base, which is run by the US Air Force under British regulations and laws, to allow the US to house tactical nuclear weapons that can be deployed by F-35 fighter jets,” the report indicated.

“The term ‘surety’ is used by the Pentagon to refer to the need to keep nuclear weapons safe when they are not being used,” it added.

The report continued by saying that the U.S. Department of Defense will order new equipment for the air base in Suffolk, such as “ballistic shields designed to protect military personnel from attacks on ‘high value assets.’”

Russia previously threatened broader action against America and its allies if the U.S. decided to move its nuclear weapons to the U.K.

“If this step is ever made, we will view it as escalation, as a step toward escalation that would take things to a direction that is quite opposite to addressing the pressing issue of pulling all nuclear weapons out of European countries,” a spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, Maria Zakharova, said.

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