GOP-Led House Committee Investigating Skyrocketing Chinese Illegal Immigration

Amidst mounting concerns over a surge in Chinese illegal immigration, the House Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability is planning for a critical hearing next week.

Dubbed “Security Risk: The Unprecedented Surge in Chinese Illegal Immigration,” the hearing is scheduled to take place on May 16 at the House Cannon building.

Scheduled witnesses for the hearing include Simon Hankinson from the Heritage Foundation, Todd Bonsman representing the Center for Immigration Studies, and Craig Singleton from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Recent data has revealed a staggering 8,000% increase in Chinese illegal immigration since March 2021, with over 24,000 encounters with Chinese nationals reported by border agents along the southern border in the current fiscal year, a significant portion of whom are military-aged men.

A report disclosed that in April 2023, the Biden administration instructed US Customs and Border Protection to expedite their vetting process for Chinese migrants, a move believed to have fueled the surge in arrivals.

Subcommittee Chairman, Representative Dan Bishop, stressed the national security risks posed by an open border, cautioning that such conditions provide an opportunity for the Chinese Communist Party to undermine US national security.

Bishop emphasized the need for thorough scrutiny, particularly in light of directives to Border Patrol agents to streamline vetting procedures for Chinese nationals. He underscored the imperative of assessing the risks associated with releasing increasing numbers of minimally-vetted Chinese nationals into American communities.

Former Border Patrol agent Ammon Blair expressed concerns that the surge in Chinese illegal immigrants resembles scenes from “Red Dawn,” warning that current policies could be facilitating a “Silk Road” for US adversaries.

Blair raised alarms about the perceived complicity of the administration’s policies in aiding what he views as an invasion by the Chinese Communist Party, posing threats such as cyber warfare, drug trafficking via Mexican cartel proxies, and economic destabilization.

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